by Abner on 2005 Jan 9 - 06:07 | reply to this comment Sounds interesting! My husband has never mentioned using a switch on me, so maybe he either hasn't thought of it or thinks it would scare me too much! He is 6'6", and I am only 5'3", so he sometimes worries about hurting me too much while he's disciplining me, which is sweet of him!

There is nothing better for a submissive woman to be married to a dominant, but kind and loving man, who knows what's best for his wife and family and isn't afraid to take charge.

I don't know if I should talk to him about using a switch on me. He decides how to handle my punishments and corrections, and I don't want to imply that I am trying to make that type of decision.

Also, since I am very submissive and obedient most of the time, he probably doesn't think he needs to use one to keep me in line. Feeling the sting of his spankings and slaps seems to be working pretty well for us! But, I have to admit that the thought of being naked and switched until I am jumping around and crying sounds very interesting!

by babydoll on 2005 Jan 13 - 21:05 | reply to this comment Gentle hints You could try mentioning that you've read about switches recently and thought they sounded interesting?

by ConfusedOfHomeCounties? on 2005 Jan 13 - 21:29 | reply to this comment "Rule of Thumb" urban legend.... The phrase 'rule of thumb' came from wood workers who were very skilled, so they could measure things with their thumbs rather than a ruler. Connecting it with hitting women is an urban legend.

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